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About Us

About Us

OrganRX: Advancing Drug Discovery

Accurate biology models for precision medicine

The True Human-on-a-Plate Company

  • Biopico Systems Inc is a leader in the emerging field of interacting multiple organ systems or microphysiological systems technology. This technology will accurately recapitulate human physiology by engineering physiological fluidic flow and organ microenvironment. This will revolutionize in vitro biomedical research for drug discovery, disease pathology, and regenerative medicine.
  • Biopico’s OrganRX system is the world’s first unidirectional gravity-driven flow multiorgan system in a multiwell plate format. We welcome researchers interested in toxicity/pharmacological studies or organ model development for disease pathology to discuss how our OrganRX Plate will contribute to their research. In addition, we will guide how our system can help your research for precision in vitro studies.