Better human predictive models needed for preclinical drug development

OrganRXTM Tissue

The multi-organ recirculation Tissue (OrganRXTM) provides passive gravity-driven unidirectional shear flow to multi-organ culture

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OrganRXTM Plate

The organ plate is an injection molded glass bottom disposable plate

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OrganRXTM System

OrganRXTM Tissue can grow grafts for vascular and cardiac tissue that can be utilized for in vivo implantation and regeneration

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OrganRXTM Services

We provide testing of compounds in 2-D and 3-D blood-brain-barrier tissue models

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About Us

OrganRXTM: Advancing Drug Discovery

Accurate biology models for precision medicine

The True Human-on-a-Plate Company

Biopico Systems Inc is a leader in the emerging field of interacting multiple organ systems or microphysiological systems technology. This technology will accurately recapitulate human physiology by engineering physiological fluidic flow and organ microenvironment. This will revolutionize in vitro biomedical research for drug discovery, disease pathology, and regenerative medicine.


Organ Functions

Organ Models


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OrganRXTM is the best compromise between simplicity in operation and the complexity of multi-organ models.

Multi-Organ System
Cross-organ communications can model systemic physiology and pathology.
Multiple Applications
Holistic models can explore and elucidate research in biology and medicine.

    Drug Development partnerships

    Tissue and Disease Models for Drug Discovery


    Drug Development Partnerships
    Expand your drug discovery with our scientific team. Research human disease biology in the OrganRXTM platform.


    Custom Model & Assay Development
    We create novel organ and disease models in the OrganRXTM platform. Develop novel assays according to your design.


    Compound Profiling & Screening
    With established assays in the OrganRXTM platform, pioneer drug discovery and development in precision medicine.