OrganRXTM Tissue

OrganRXTM Tissue builds quality, transplantable tissue for organ repair needs. Using the advanced biomimetic OrganRXTM technologies allows for the construction of functional organ tissue for therapeutic discoveries.

The multi-organ recirculation system (OrganRXTM) provides passive gravity-driven unidirectional shear flow to multi-organ culture. The OrganRXTM plate can accommodate multiple micro-organs such as liver, gut, kidney and brain.
The organ plate is an injection molded glass bottom disposable plate. The users can populate the plate with primary cells, cell lines or IPS cells and mature organs by media recirculation. Currently the plate has six multi-organ units.
We provide testing of compounds in 2-D and 3-D blood-brain-barrier tissue models. OrganRXTM enables determination of transport characteristics of novel compounds to/from the brain and other organs.